First apperance | (02.08.20)
Version | First
Role | Promo
Addition No./date | No.19 / (02.08.2020)
Full Name | Proto suit
First apperance | Promo (02.02.20)
??? | ???
Role | Other
Addition No./date | No.19 / (02.08.2020)


Man and machine, twisted into an unholy union.

A paradoxical existence-

built with cutting edge technology, to in the end, behave no better than a raging animal.

This before you is one of the prototypes of the suit seen in the first stretch of the comic.

Its purpose?

Merely to dispose of any who would dare stand in its way.


Never actually made, what you see above was a “maybe”, for the design of the suit seen in the comic.

Here, the design takes account for only combat. Caution to the wind, weak-spots numerous, with only the suit’s shear destructive capabilities to match.


• The suit powered by the two orbs, only to last for around 10 minutes. Yet, outputs nearly 100 times what the batteries seen in the comic can (...efficiency was a driving force behind the current suits’ design).

• Joints, purely mechanical (later converted to a hybrid, to better match reflexive ability of the user).

• Repulsive metal mixed into the build, to protect sensitive areas of the suit (the suits seen in the comic while less sensitive, give the user a greater range of control, leading to the metal not being as necessary).

• Higher quality I.metal (impulse metal) is used on the more critical parts of the suit.

• While the lower quality I.metal, reflect mass produced units found in other machinery around Impulse.

• A special harden blend of I.metal was to be used in the more physically demanding parts of the suit (this compound while dependable, is hard to make, and find the necessary material for… leading to it being left out of all future mass produced designs).

• While lacking in defense, the suit is decked out in quite the set of armor, and will take hits quite well if struck.

• The orbs offer the suits only source of repulsion, a prominent feature seen from the suits in the comic. If used correctly though, the orbs can provide adequate protection.

• The suit will zap anyone foolish enough to get in range, so hand-to-hand combat wasn’t a concern. Leaving long-range as the main focus, with a high-powered, hip mounted laser beam. The beam produced, able to deplete the orbs in seconds, and aimed with pinpoint accuracy within a mile.