First apperance | "Inciteful insight" (06.21.19)
Version | 9-to-5
Role | Promo
Addition No./date | No.22 / (05.15.2020)
Full Name | Mik ...of Impulse
First apperance | Pg.63 (06.21.19)
??? | ???
Role | Promo
Addition No./date | No.22 / (05.15.2020)


Outside of squabbling with his peers, Mik does actually serve a purpose in Impulse.

Processing the highest proficiency* for Impulse’s enki amongst peers. Mik is often tasked with senior ranked responsibilities (...the clothing above, being for one such duty). This “proficiency”, albeit rare, played a small role in the determination for such jobs. For even with it, a person would still have to be mentally fit for the task.

As such, Mik is both lucky, and gifted (...his personality just sometimes rubs people the wrong way).

All of that into account, Mik usually finds himself as a fill-in, for more senior members. His schedule, while random, can be extremely lax at times (needless to say, he was an easy pick for Lanse).

*(During testing, it was found that Mik processed a high “tolerance”, to the enki used within Impulse. Which would ensure, in the case of any possible mishaps, he would have a much higher survival rate.)


Seen above...

• Scripted physical manipulators
Made of the same material used for a majority of Impulse’s scripts, the two sashes aid in manipulation of physical objects that might find themselves in a person’s way.

• Adaptive P/R paste
A metallic amalgamation, used for protection, and on the fly repairs. It appearance is usually that of a haphazardly applied paste over a standard issued uniform (above it is being used as a makeshift hoodie).

It hardens into a rougher substance, of a different hue, around instruments for added user safety (i.e. in the case of an accident, it can act as a shield).

• Arm laser
Can be used in tandem with “scripted physical manipulators” for added utility. Generally speaking though.. it cuts things.

• Experimental instruments
Being of a more unstable nature, they usually require a more aggressive transformation (flesh to enki) on the user’s part to be used. So, unlike with other instruments, there will often by sparking.