As a series of quakes, strike a rocky chain of islands know as Rhime (resting in the southern hemisphere of the world of Marethis), its people begin to evacuate to safety.

The cause of all of this?

Ripple effects of the ever mysterious phenomena referred to as "distortions". Usually these quakes, no matter their ferocity, go largely ignored. This being due to the fact that they (the distortions), after a number of decades, have become a part of everyday life for the people of Rhime.


As it relates to now, the quakes have started to take their toll on local infrastructure. Built to withstand a number of blows, proper upkeep is still need. This of which, has been severely lacking due to the recent winter season. With all of that in mind, the powers that be, decided not to chance the risk any possible catastrophe by ordering a large scale evacuation of the islands’ outlying settlements.

These occurrences aligning, have made what would have been a typical day, into quite the spectacle.

Perhaps though, there is more to all of this than mere coincidence-

For a number of entities, across Marethis, have locked their sights on a particular island in the region.

The act of idle hands, their pieces set, unbeknownst to the board in which they lay. Differing as night to day, the motives that push, yet destinations the same.

...only time will tell how these events will play out.

Part Title Link
Act 1 "Dreams found in nightmares" Go»
Act 2 "Stepping! stones" Go»
Act 3 "Inciteful insight" Go»
Prelude to... "Meeting under the stars" Go»
Teaser to climax
T.T.C 1 "Walking and talking" Go»
T.T.C 2 "...The talking" Go»
T.T.C 3 "Yoink!" Go»
T.T.C 4 "A transformative walk" Go»
T.T.C 5 "A familiar sight" Go»