Where's the schedule?

For announced schedules, click upon the "schedule" tab above and.. ye shall find.

As for when a new season/schedule will drop-

The only thing that is written in stone is that, seasons follow the real ones (e.g. winter, summer, ect...), and that they aren't consecutive. So outside of that tidbit of knowledge.. it's up in the air (typically though, I will give a heads-up).

What does the bird they're looking for (in the pic above) look like?
There was orignally an image in this box but technique difficulties (...look on the comic's twitter page @thatjaron).

They're important but for the time being... just for astetics.

Why isn't there a set number of pages for each release?

Dramatic.. Pacing...
Why don't you use color in the comic?

Coloring a page wouldn't really be that difficult. The issue is matching/consistency between pages... it'd be too much.

So i guess the next question is "will there ever be color?"...

Eh, maybe...

-Plus, doesn't that just make Color ellenate all the more special?
Site updates...

If you've been following the progress of the faq.. you'll know not to hold your breath.

...I do them, i'm just in no hurry.
Filler banners...

They'll most likely come back in one way or another through a guide tab entry.

(For those not in the know, "filler banners" are what i use to fill ad spaces with before i finally implemented them...)
Social media...

Twitter (@thatjaron)... there are others but-
Color ellenate...

Typically once a month during any given off-season.
What's ellenate about?

it's a cornucopia of things.
Extra story bits...

(i.e. guides/profiles)

Do you have to read them to understand the story...?


Will they give you extra context for things i gloss over in the comic?



With all the yammering I do in profiles/guides, I never give any dates.

It's intentional-

and i will continue to not give dates!

I will say though, a timeline can be roughly guessed at... for those curious

(to be continued...)

Is ellenate based on anything?

Not really.

If you want a better answer than that, you'll have to be more specific.

How do you make your art?

All digital.

you: "and...? go on."

All. Digital. Certain tools make the job easier but you shouldn't get it in your head that you NEED them.

Story related questions

That's what the guide and profiles are for.

So you can still ask them, i'll just respond with the afermentioned.