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Color Ellenate
Date: 1.3.2019
No. 2
Seeing as the comic will be in B&W, I thought itd be a cool idead to show off certain characters color scheme, and yes you read that right. Almost every character in the comic does in fact have a color scheme, but i never really get to show it off in the comic itself.

So with all that said, Im announcing "Color Elenate"!

With this Event, youll be able to pick any character that has made a full visual apperance in the comic to be colored.
The colored character will appear on my twitter account @ThatJaron.

To summit a character, just email me at with the selected characters name.

For the time being, Ill simply pick characters at random.

I have no real set time, for when a picked character will appear on twitter, but a link in "Art/story" will be made for the post.