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Site remodeling
Date: 11.10.2021
No. 42

I'm "remodeling" the site so it'll be down starting December into mid next year (there's a LOT of stuff to do).

If you're not caught up, you should do so before December. The comic will be uploaded (from act 1 then updated by scene sets) on mirrors.

Currently on:

Tapas ( LINK )
Webtoons ( LINK )

Check the comic's socials for all the sites:

Twitter: ( LINK )
Instagram: ( LINK )

I'll place what has been released (up to page 212) on the comic's patreon near the start of next year for a $1... so you don't have to wait through the updates if you don't want to.

Also the comic's climax will begin with the site's relaunch.