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Teaser to climax
Date: 01.15.2021
No. 36

One thing that should be apparent when reading the new pages is the toner change. Expect more changes of that nature. Besides art, the page dimensions have changes (...which shouldn’t be that noticeable online).

For those curious, it was previously 8.5x11. The pages in the teaser are all different and break the formatting of previous/what shall follow.

Climax itself (with a few exceptions) will be formatted at 11x14 (outside of perhaps increased image quality this change really shouldn’t be noticed).


Across the comic’s socials media accounts banners will be used to promote each release. They’ll feature the “main characters”. Every first of the month after a release, will see whichever featured character’s profile, getting updated. Along with a merch addition featuring their art.

That’s it-
Thanks for reading...
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