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Remodeled the library!
Date: 01.07.2020
No. 19

With the new schedule tab, some of the information featured in the library has become a little antiquated.


I’ve redesigned it!

Take this *looks at watch* approximately 6 hours before the story update to look around, and smell the new wood!

Somethings to note:

-The story overview was rewritten to give a better picture of the story.
-new header image… it’s a gif right now but if resources get low, it’ll be made static (same goes for the schedule’s gif)
-Table's scaling has been made more "fluid".

Also in regards to the table:

Indicates the overarching part of the larger story the section of pages represents.

Gives the name, of the first scene, of a given batch of pages. (i.e. The title given for the first act is “Dreams found in nightmares”. The name of which is, representative of the first five pages, and not necessarily the entire act.)

Will link to the start of a given part.

Will feature the most current release (currently mirroring the link above it) and will have a “release date” instead of a regular title.