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Guide tab added!
Date: 9.30.2019
No. 15

Locations no more

Renamed the new tab to Guide instead of locations… which I feel makes more sense… maybe… probably?


Anyhow, the new tab covers all of my landscapes that have yet to be featured on the site. Also the past filler banners will make a return (...when I get around to them). For now, the tab has 3 places which you can visit (metaphorically).

When will more items be added…?

Once a month?

Yeah, that feels right...

You know, I really need to focus to get the editing done for the new season, and all that jazzy jazzzzzzzz-



(note: the image heading “guide” is a rough depiction of Rhime from space. I feel like I mentioned this somewhere else in that section, but encase I didn’t. Ta ta. )