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Character tab added!
Date: 4.14.2019
No. 12
With the character tab added I think now’s as good as any to give the skinny… the 411… the dish-

The scoop, on how it will function from here on out.

One, as i’ve already mentioned only characters featured in color ellenate will appear within it.

Two, this was not known before but all main (don’t stress that little tidbit too much) characters will be added, regardless of them being requested, or not. Currently only one (Heph) has an accessible profile (heck he has two, but who’s counting).

Three, the acronym D.F.C in character profiles means “directly from comic” meaning I tried to match them as closely to their design in comic as possible.

Four… err is there a four. Nah I think I covered everything.


(note: Jake, Nate, and Lanse don’t have profiles... yet. When will they? Ehh…?)

P.s. The new Heph drawing found in character profiles will be featured tomorrow on twitter, for now he's just our little secret.