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Update reminder
Date: 4.4.2019
No. 10
Currently in the midst of creating the new tab... (which is a lot more work than i thought it would be)

The first tab to drop will be "characters" (formally know as people, maybe i'll change it back who knows). I believe i said that "landscapes" would be first, but things change. I'll probably get around to landscapes at some point after i'm done with "characters".

One thing to note before it drops, is that i don't plan on putting all the characters in it. Only the ones featured in color ellenate. ( it really won't work otherwise... i mean it would, but not the way i would want it to.) Ideally, they'd be updated alongside their release date for color ellenate, but i forsee myself not doing that. Why? I don't know... time?

Anyway it should be all done by the 15th. (cause i do everything in increments of 15 days... purely a coincidence... totatlly a coincidence... cause there is no schedule.)