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March Update
Date: 3.1.2019
No. 9
The story update drops, and with it goes this season. Ah the first season, hopefully many more will follow…

Pretty standard stuff in regards to the story update. 16 new pages were added, completing the 2nd act. The second season (summer 2019) will open with act 3. I was going to do 30 pages for the opening but I’m thinking of just 15 so the season will be longer.


Drop a comment and tell me what you think. ( If I did spread it out, I’d probably start the season June first (instead of the 21st). Or maybe keep it in the middle and make it June 15th. Decisions, decisions…

The “other stuff” is that I’m working on new tabs, which I talked about on the home page. Not a lot more to say on them at the moment.

Color Ellenate and my other postings across the many different social media platforms, won’t stop anytime soon. They’ll be as random as ever, don’t you worry. I have no real date for the tab updates but it’ll most likely be in place before the next season hits.

As for future plans of monetization, the site will remain with the donation model. Still not that keen on ads, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with them during the break… Maybe some type of sponsorship. Know anyone that wants to sponsor a webcomic? Let me know!

Donate/support/tell a friend… If you enjoyed the comic that is.

Well, see you next update, or whatever!