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Offical Patreon... and other stuff
Date: 1.20.2019
No. 6
I've been going back and fourth with the idea of adding ads, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm not... for now.


No one likes them. The site is new so I doubt they'd even cover the cost of keeping the site up. Not to mention, using Adsense would mean more coding, and less time for actual drawing.

Also, I kind of like the filler banners. Given the placement in the story I could customize them. I could always even just get rid of the filler art altogether, everything would flow better on mobile at least.

So yes, no ads for now.

In lieu of ads, I'll be using Patreon. I'll also have to research other donation buttons for the site. If you don't like Patreon and would prefer another method, email me at

For the actual content on the Patreon account. I plan on showing all the concept art for ellenate. Which will includes things like: page layouts, characters, and setting layouts. I though it'd be cool to even have some sort of "next episode" collage with the concept art for future pages.

The concept art is just what I figured people would want to see. If you personally have any other ideas for tier rewards feel free to chime in.

Again this is all in the early stages so expect changes.

Currently working on dressing up the Patreon account’s content... and febuary's update (Which should be right on time, especially since ads won’t be implemented).

...Said all that and I almost forgot to actually link the account Patreon account link