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[Updated] The many flavors of color Ellenate
Date: 9.01.2019
No. 14

The variants for color ellenate and their meanings are as follows:

Redux: Me redrawing a character; typically, in a version not shown in the comic.

When: Like the name implies, "when"? Most of the times I'll tell you the "when".. most of the time.

Vanilla: Simply "color Ellenate"; usually a character's D.F.C form.

Snippet: Stay with me here- There's a scene, there's a character. A snippet only includes a character.

You: “What about the scene?”
Me: “Depends...”

Scene: A character placed in some sort of scenario. (This will be its own section... and i'm not working on it untill at least, the current season is over.)

Moment: basically "scene" except I don't bother to draw a proper background. (...but i hint at it)

[new!] Fusion: Two color ellenates joined into one image (not sure how involved the "one image" will be atm. Might just be extra glitz added.