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Second Season Update
Date: 6.18.2019
No. 8

It keeps slipping my mind that it's so close (i'm getting a ton of drawing out of the way) so i figured i'd make a point of saying it's coming as scheduled (june 21).

-But with some small changes.

Act 4 will be moved to season 3. It's not really a matter of "can i" but "should i". I was going purely off a numbers metric when i made the original schedule. Looking at the actual story though, things will flow better this way. Granted until you see the bigger picture, you'll just have to take my word on that-

act 3 will be 30-ish pages making it a total of 90-ish pages for the year in total. That's not bad is it.. is it?

an updated "da schedule" will be released with the first pages... which will be 9 pages (spoiler! spoiler!)

also just to reward those reading this random off-season news post. New color ellenate Wednesday! (it’s also a new variant! Get hyped!)