As a series of quakes strike Rhime (the name bestowed upon a massive rocky chain of islands),
Its people begin to evacuate to safety. The cause of all of this, the affects of the ever
mysterious phenomena known simply as the distortions.The quakes produced no matter how intrusive,
have become a part of everyday life for the people of Rhime. For they have been plagued by
their presence for the last few decades, too subtle to take note of at first, but ever so
slowly the distortions grew in accounts harder to disregard.

Unlike the other times though, this distortion has summoned the attention of multiple
fractions across the small world known as Marethis. So On this day they shall gather,
some in search of what they think, and other of what they've seen. Each though,
not knowing of the dangers that truly awaits.

Only time will tell how these events will play out.
Go (link) Section Title Pg. Lenght | Parts released Release Date (M/D/Y)
Go Act 1 34 pages | as whole 01.01.2019
Go Act 2 30 | 2 parts 02.01.2019 / 03.01.2019
Go Act 3 33 | 3 parts june 21 / july 21 / august 22
Go season 3 ? next year