Trading Post HQ
Release Date:
July. 21, 2020
Rhime Docks
In the comic:
Spanning all of Marethis, to even its most obscure regions, the Sea Chain holds a monopoly on all trading activity. This fact rarely stirs about change amongst the populace as the organization is ran with such efficiency; replacing it would cause more trouble than it brings.

The Chain Gang (originating from Dale-phane) has the Sea Chain to thank for its drastic growth in power in such a relatively short time. The power to be had from gathering the resources of all the lone trading groups of Marethis into one was quickly felt.

Along with aiding in the order fulfillment of these smaller groups, though means of protection on the high seas. The Chain would strategically flood certain areas with their own men, sometimes even hostility taking over if met with resistance…

Found shortly after though these newly founded establishments would operate at a way lower efficiency rate than what was previously there. It was around this time, that an effort was being made to expand into Rhime. Seeing the failures brought about by their past tactics, the chain decided that it was best to separate themselves from the trading (granted they still tried it their way but were quickly met with defeat).

As a result the sea chain in Rhime is a lot more freestanding than other such branches. The militarized portion of the chain residing in Rhime (ran by Gak) rarely if ever interferes with their affairs.

This perhaps lackadaisical approach of management, has led to some criticism within the Chain itself, but it never really amounts to much besides talk. This setup might make Rhime an ideal place for traders who don’t like the overly abrasiveness touch found at other trading post but it comes with its own challenges.

Rhime’s landscape makes it so that only the most skilled of traders have any real hope of traversing it (...there have been a number deaths/disappearances). So many traders avoid working in Rhime, if they can, but for those up for the challenge it can be quite the experience.
A kept promise

Yiff paying his debt to Heph for guiding him through the maze (as seen in "searching for feathers").

Yiff, knowing Heph would be there to collect his debt, decided to order more than usual.

The following is the conversation that happened when Heph came to this realization:

(Heph) "-So what? You think I'm carrying this thing all the way back to the village?"

(Yiff) "That's the idea."

(Heph) "You're out of your mind-
I already wasted a whole week chasing some bird for you.
I just came down here for my stuff..."

(Yiff) "This thing is massive, there's no way I can't take it all the way back to the village alone!"

(Heph) "It'll be lighter if you let me take my stuff out of there..."

(Yiff) "You wouldn't even be lifting it, just use your grapple!"

(Heph) "Yeah and what if it breaks... you got another one to give me?"

(Yiff) "You were smashing through rocks with that thing..."

(Heph) "Increase my cut an-"

(Yiff) "I'm not increasing anything!"

(Heph) "..."

(Yiff) "Look I'll help you, we'll do it together!"

(Heph) "....My whole day is now going to be carrying this thing."

(Yiff) "I'm helping!"

(Heph) "I'm only doing heavy lifting..."

(Yiff) "...!"

What resulted was Heph only helping when it came to lifting it up stairs... and occasionally "speeding things up".

The two haven't really spoken ever since.

A.T.V (sea chain)

An off-road vehicle designed for Sea Chain retrievers.

It can:

- swim
- climb steep inclines
- handle generally rough terrain
- act as a decent assault vehicle at sea… if need be

Typically speaking- The main body seen to the left, is taking into a given area, while the storage unit to its back is kept in a more stable environment.

The two metal spikes in front can become clamps to hold larger objects or even act as anchoring points to aid in navigation. While not encourage the spikes can allow for the vertical assent up a cliff face. A very dangerous task cause if the spikes don’t latch on to anything they can come falling right back down at the vehicle.

The new Retriever

Tairi.. lecturing a new retriever (the replacement for the one Heph faced-off with.)

A snippet of their conversation:

(Tairi) “You run into any trouble ?”

(Retriever) “Not really.
I mean.. I saw this kid that gave me a funny look bu-”

(Tairi) “Some kid...?!”

(Retriever) “Yeah.. he was like swinging-around, or something.”

(Tairi) *deep breath*
“Please stay away from that ‘kid’.”

(Retriever) “Heh, what?”

(Tairi) “Stay away from the kid, I have enough problems to deal with.”

(retriever) “I-it’s not like I would hurt him just cause of a look...”

(Tairi) “It’s not him I’m worried about.”

(Retriever) “…?”

Trading post HQ

This building is where all logistical matters are handled for Rhime's Sea Chain branch.

Rhime's Docks

The network of docks go beyond what is shown above and have become sort of gathering spot for locals. People are free to go as they please but are asked not to impede any of the daily operations.

Branch HQ men

Generalist that help out branch HQ with a wide range of duties. Here they can be seen bring up part of the retriever's haul.

Special delivery

While most orders can be picked-up by the person who made them at a delivering ship's docking spot. Some orders are special delivered to a given branch's HQ. In the case with Rhime, this task is either handled by someone at the branch itself, or a person on board the ship who is familiar with Rhime's docks layout.

The device seen to the left was special designed to navigate the docks (it can only be used for official business). It uses sensors which can be found on either of its four sides to follow a person leading it.

Logging goods

Part of the “gathering of resources” that the chain did was creating a world-wide database.

Within this database holds:

- plant species
- how to find certain resources
- geographical maps
- populace sizes

It’s actually such a vast and all-encompassing range of information, that the Chain themselves have a hard time using it to their ends. So as it stands the only ones who use it to any great extent is the Sea chain (traders).

There have been leaks of this database and even people who outright buy access to it. The real usefulness of this information is in the hands of outsiders who would hope to “thrive” in a given region as most of it is the gathered common knowledge of locals.

Course correction
Sometimes ships get lost. It’s the job of the person seen to the left, to put them back on the right path. The object she is floating on is capable of combat so even the most stubborn of ships can be “persuaded”.

Storage unit
Storage portion of the A.t.v (sea chain). It can be given wheels or floaties (as seen).


If goods need packaging/unpackaging this is where a ship should take them. An alternate design for this type of building can be seen at the top of page 136.

Unique features

Packaging facilities are outfitted for certain jobs. The building here was designed for the intake of retriever loads. The building on page 136 was made for mass packaging.

Besides packaging for sea voyages, sometimes goods need to be repackaged for delivery in Rhime (eg. somethings are delivered in bulk, such as food, and need to be repackaged so that a trader could reasonably move them).

building WITH nature

The docks were made to take advantage of the natural features found in Rhime’s coast (building on land was the original plan but the terrain proved too unyielding).

Moving ingredients

A local cook having trouble moving his ingredients (Heph ended up aiding the man by carrying the bag for him… while also moving the box with Yiff. While it brought a smile to the cook’s face, Yiff was less than amused.)

Loiter squad!

A local loitering.

Chain Gang insignia

The insignia of the Chain Gang used to mark their territory and sometimes even members.