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Release Date:
March 6, 2020
Daze & Jake
Gale Ridge, School of marethis: library
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up to pg. 122


The school of Marethis is the main teaching branch of the Dale-luse. The books within its libraries cover subjects from, complex scripter coding, to in-depth gardening tips.

Traditionally, books were written only by high ranking Luse, but rules were lighten to make it less inclusive. Nowadays, you can find books written by; Luse, traders, wanderers, chain members, and even authors lost through the march of time.

While not open to the general public, most are free to look around (...if they ask), and even use the library for research.


Stumbling across a puzzled Jake (who he thought was a new trainee). Daze quickly sought put him to work reading a book he just wrote. The two spent a majority of the day, discussing Daze's approach, and the contents within.

After learning who Jake really was, Daze decided to take him under his wing (so to speak), and help him with his problem.

Convo Snippet

(A conversations between Jake and Daze about his book "A fool's task")

"Ok, ok, But-
If that's what you meant, why not just say it?"

"Think of it as a dance, two bodies in harmony, one side can only do so much. And anyway-
The words.. they'll lose their chache...
Iiii-it's a delicate process."

I get it.. but you'll just end up losing people."

"Nothing is ever truly free and as such..
Some people just can't afford it."


With no current profile, a breif overview shall do-

One of the Luse masters (apparitions). Daze spends most of his days, fiddling in his workshop, and messing with new trainees (a tendency of which led to the above).

Checkout Jake's character profile, here, for more information.

Book: "A fool's task"
A book that Daze wrote, after being, "harassed into doing so".

As far as its content goes, if you can ignore the patronizing tone throughout, quite a bit can be learned from it.

Notes from the author: "Save yourself the heartache, please. If you can actually pull off what's in this book, your time would be better spent elsewhere-

...With greater results!"

Daze's old neckless.

He crafted the newer one, seen in the comic, after his time wih Jake.

Books (from top to bottom):

The dark ages: "A collection of old folklore."
Memos of a salesman: "Detailed notes from a ubiquitous trader of yore."
Forest for the trees: "Gardening advice."
Scripting space: "How to implement, the concept of space, with scripting."

A collection
"Concision is the hallmark of mastery"

One of the ideologies, of the school of Marethis.

For a book to be accepted into the libraries collection, it must go through a strict vetting process (a step of which is outlined above).

Collections are rare, as the library prefers single entries for a given topic, but if within reason-

They'll allow it.

As shown, they'll typically have a collective aesthetic.

Wooden Veneer
Adhereing to superstition, the Luse make note to not needlessly disrupt the enviroment. So while a certain woods may "look better", if they are of a rare breed of tree. The Luse will take measures, such as employing veneers, to meet their ends.

No shoes
Except for guards, there are certian places within Gale Ridge, that people are expected to go barefoot. This practive is main for cleanliness sake.