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September 30, 2019

Guide tab added! Read more ▷ here ◁ .

August 21, 2019 (end of second season)

-And like that, Ellenate is done for the year! (the comic at least...)

That went scary fast but the year is almost over too. I guess time was just moving fast in general… or was it just moving fast for me?

So, did you-

Like / Hate the comic?


Still getting caught up?

Whatever the case, let me know at the site’s email “” or twitter “@thatjaron”. That way I can; course correct any unforeseen problems, revel in your praise, or perhaps mock you for not understanding my vision. Either scenario should be a hoot, no...?

Also, for those of you foaming at mouth for more-

Next year is pretty much guaranteed, to be given the same treatment as this past year’s seasons. (I think it might end up being more pages, so longer seasons…?)

(Note: Other off-season news/developments, will be addressed either later, or when the next color Ellenate drops. Stay tuned!)

(p.s. Season 3 should be January 2020 but I really don’t know how my schedule will look then so… around there.)

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