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Season’s End, Numero Uno!

Date: 03.01.2019

As with.. everything. This season must come to its eventual an end. Don’t fret though.

For Ellenate.. shall be back. Stronger, with the blistering heat of a thousand suns! A phoenix, out of the ashes it will be.

Well, yeah. Bye.. Until summer.

...For the comic that is, the site will still be trucking along. For instance, I mentioned this before but I plan to do a sort of wiki for the characters released in Color Ellenate. Also an "out-of-comic-storytelling", with all of the landscapes that have been released on the site's twitter account. They’ll both either be made into separate tabs, for the top, or merged together into one tab.

This all will be worked on during the “break”. So it should all be done by the time the next season hits. Until they are completed though, the landscape and Color Ellenate’s will only be available on twitter. (If you know where to look you could find them elsewhere…)

So, yeah. If you’re interesting in just looking at pictures, for the sake of looking at pretty pictures.. check out the site's twitter account ▷ ThatJaron ◁.

Oh and for those of you who are up-to-date, here is the link to the newly released pages! ▷ Here